asked Mar 29, 2008 at 6:16pm
Canon Canon ImageClass D860

Canon D860 L50 toner cart ?? & vs HP LJ4

A new toner cartridge is $135.00 at Sams Club and refills are under $40.00 shipped on eBay. What makes new so expensive? I just got the unit and seems to work OK but it needs a new toner cart and I wonder if a new cart Canon is justified or am I just wasting money? If refill is OK who are the good refillers?
I would also like to know if the Canon D860 will be as good and reliable as my old HP LaserJet 4? Is there an easy way to get a page count out it and how many are they good for? Having the copying capability should save me a bunch of time not going to Kinkos!
One thing you don't want to do is buy a cartridge off of eBay. That's pretty much any cartridge. Chances of it working are slim and none. While there are some honest sellers on eBay, they are mostly few and far between. A customer once brought in a cartridge he bought off of eBay that was printing blanks. He thought it was a printer problem. It felt kind of light, so I put it on a scale and weighed it, as well as an empty I had. The empty actually weighed more. If you want an L50, I can't compete with that price, but this site has a good rep and stands behind it's products. We don't have it in the cartridge section, but we do stock them. Click on my name for pricing and ordering info.
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