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asked Mar 28, 2008 at 3:58am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 1520

Epson 1520 on the blink

Hi, my 1520 was having a little bother with the inks, I ordered a set of new cartridges, all genuine Epson and when they arrived I first cleaned the heads with the kit I had bought from Laser Service some time before, I did a full clean of pads and the four stems. I then fitted the cartridges and the printer wouldn't print nor do a cleaning cycle.
The two "ink out" lights are on full and the pause/reset light is on too. Can anyone tell me what is going on with it? It wasn't printing perfect before all this and I thought that this was because it had been idle for a month while I was in Australia, and I thought a good clean out would have put it right but this was put off for a long time as it has never been my main printer.
The printer has not been used a lot in the past abd looks like new.
Any help would be appreciated. I had a five page book of plans for dismantling this printer but have misslaid them after fixing an older 1520 two years ago, can anyone help with these too?
Kind regards.
Bob Halliday.
Bob, it sounds like you've gotten some fluid someplace where it shouldn't be and it's shorting or grounding out components or signals and giving you this problem. My advice, if you have compressed air, is to (using low pressure and printer unplugged) blow out the vertical area behind the printheads and along the ribbon cable where it plugs into each printhead. Once the cover is removed, check under the ink pump in the bottom of the printer and see if there is any sign that fluid has gotten onto the main circuit board. If so, blow the liquid out. After using compressed air, let the printer sit in a warm, dry area to try to dissipate any unwanted liquid. If you do not have compressed air then just let the printer sit, opened, in a warm, dry place for a day and try to fire up the printer again.

I have the complete service maual in PDF format that is certainly more than five pages but your welcome to it. If you'd like a copy, please let me have your email address.

- Scotty ([email protected])
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