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Epson Epson Stylus Color 1520

ligths on in epson 1520

when i turn on the printer the RESET LIGTh and the cover open light still blincking IN EPSON 1520 PRINTER
Is the printer attempting to go through it's initialization? Is it making any loud grinding type noises? Is this printer new to you or is it one that you have previously used but now has this problem? - Scotty
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I just bought a 1520 on Ebay that was described as in excellent working order but I too have the 'cover open' and 'reset' flashing light problem.

The printer does try to initialse but the printer cartridge block grinds to the right only moving by up to a quarter of an inch. This lasts for about 4 seconds and then I am back to the flashing lights. I have read through the forums but cannot find the answer. I have tried to move the block to the left but it is 'stuck' fast and I don't want to break anything.

As you (anonymous) have described my symptoms so well does this mean you know the problem? Any help would be gratefully appreciated as the item was posted to me from London (200 miles away) and taking it back is not much of an option!


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Sorry Scotty I just realised that your name was on there.

Ok an update. After fiddling with what looks like a small piece of black rubber to the left of the base of the black cartridge, I have freed the block. I thoroughly cleaned the silver shaft that it slides on (didn't look to dirty) and put some lube on there. I positioned the block in the centre and switched on and the block reset to the right in home position. However there were 4 more 'grinds to the right and I still have the cursed flashing lights. I have tried this a few times with the same result.

The woman I bought off seemed really genuine (non trader) and her record backed that up. I am wondering if there is something simple to fix or whether there has been damage in transit. All looks clean and healthy and I would otherwise say it looks in very good order, but a book and its cover come to mind.......
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Well, I think i'm getting somewhere. After a few more cycles of on/off the printer has stopped grinding. Now, no-matter where I start the carriage off it 'whirs' and 'spins' nicely back to home position. So I guess that the clean and lube has been effective BUT I still have the imobilising light problem!!

Any help, very much appreciated.
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Hello Scott,
It could have easily been damaged in shipping, especially if the external printer knobs were on during shipping. If there is not a sufficient buffer between the bulk of the printer and that end of the box, any impact there will be fully absorbed by the knob and telegraphed to internal printer parts. Most times this will not be evident other than lifting the printer, shaking it, and listening for parts rattling around the inside. Based on the testimony of the seller and the progress you have made in resetting components, I fear that this may be what happened. Please keep us posted. - Scotty
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Thanks for the reply Scotty.

The packaging was not the greatest but it did all look intact. The printer looks really good inside and out and doesn't seem to have been used much. I can't see anything broken and the shake and rattle test turned up nothing. When it tries to start up the cartridge carriage zips back and forth a few inches really quickly and crisply so I am guessing that it is not the motor that is the problem.

The finger is probably pointing at the main board. Can you still get them and if so where and how much?? At this stage I am thinking that I have bought a piece of nice looking junk. I'm gonna see how much the local Epson service centre want to take a look at it.

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So what's the status now? It seems to go through its initialization ok but you still have indicator lights on or flashing? - Scotty - Anonymous
Hi Scotty,

Yes the flashing lights (cover open and reset/pause) are still indicating a fatal error. I have now dropped it off to the local Epson service center. They said they will need a couple of days to take a good look at it using DOS? I'll let you know how they get on.

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Hi, I have had a lot of trouble with my printheads on my Epson 1520 but haven't gotten around to invetigate the cause further until now. The colour printhead light came on full but the printer still worked okay for a while. I then had to change the black cartridge so decided to clean the heads and renew both Inks. I used the fluid I bought from Fixyourownprinter and followed the instructions but on completion both the printhead lights are on full at all times and the printer won't print, nor even try to, and it won't do a cleaning cycle, the only thing it will do is move the heads back to the park position if they are moved off it.
I have the printer book and I downloaded the repair manual but wonder if there are better diagnostic manuals out there which would help me trace this fault. Could my problem be the printhead section on the main board, or maybe the pads saturated? Finally, where is the best shop for spare parts in the UK mainly, or the USA if need be. I have two further spare 1520 printers in very poor shape and intend to practice on them first!
Kind regards all.

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I think there may be one of two reasons for this problem. First is that you didn't follow the proper procedure for installing new cartridges thus the printer doesn't recognize that there is any ink available so it won't perform a head cleaning, either a forced head cleaning or one that it does on printer initialization. The solution for this would be to install the cartridges using the proper procedure.

Another possibility is that if you used a syringe in forcing fluid through the printheads, liquid may have been sprayed and wet electrical components and has affected signals informing the system of cartridge information. A possible solution for this would be to allow the problem-causing liquid to evaporate and the problem may also evaporate. Use of a hair dryer on a low heat setting may help.

I've not come accross any hint that there is any other information, diagnostic or otherwise, available for this printer.

There has been information posted on this forum regarding printer parts. A search will most likely give you some direction.

- Scotty

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