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HP 2840 constantly recalibrates

trying to help my exwife with her HP 2840 color laserjet and I don't know much about laser printers...

The 2840 is noisy all the time - I was told by an Apple tech that this is called recalibration. Doesn't matter whether the Macbook Pro is on or off the printer does this all of the time. Is there any way to turn off this process and make the printer quiet or is there anything else I can do to solve the problem?

The printer is 2 years old and has low to moderate use. I tried reinstalling the HP printer driver, but that was no help.

Thanks for any help.
This problem is common for the HP-Color 2840.This machine
Re-Calibrates many times during the day.Solution? Turn the
machine completely off,when not in use.Only if you do not use
the fax mode?Otherwise put it in an isolated room to avoid
calibration noises..
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thanks for the reply.

The HP support forum provided me with instructions to disable the annoying calibration. Here are the instructions in case anyone is interested:

The printer automatically calibrates at various times. You
can adjust the calibration settings by using the HP Toolbox.

Insufficient power supply or Environmental differences or
aging print cartridges might cause fluctuations in image
density. The printer accounts for this with image
stabilization control. The printer automatically calibrates
at various times to maintain the highest level of print

Please make sure that the printer power cable is connected
directly to the wall outlet. Power is an important part of
LaserJet printing and inadequate or marginal power supply
can cause this sort of issue to occur. Please plug the
printer directly into a wall outlet to eliminate the
possibility of power issues caused by other power devices.

The printer does not interrupt a print job to calibrate. It
waits until the job is complete before calibrating or
cleaning. While the printer is calibrating, it pauses
printing for the time that is required to complete the

If you would still like to stop the automatic calibration of
the printer, please perform the below steps on the front
panel of printer to set the Calibration to “Never�:

You can set the device to calibrate the printer manually or
automatically each time the device is turned on. To
calibrate the printer or to set up an automatic calibration
process, complete the following steps:

1 On the device control panel, press MENU.

2 Use the < or the > button to select System setup, and then press ENTER.

3 Use the < or the > button to select Print quality, and then press ENTER.

4 Use the < or the > button to select Calibrate color, and
then press ENTER.

5 Use the < or the > button to select Calibrate now or After power on, and then press ENTER. ? Selecting Calibrate now starts the calibration process immediately. The control panel displays Calibrating until the process is complete and the device returns to the Ready state. ? Selecting After power on opens a menu that allows you to set the time period following the device being turned on in which you want the calibration process performed. Use
the < or the > button to select one of the following menu

¦ Immediately
¦ 5 minutes
¦ 15 minutes
¦ 30 minutes
¦ 60 minutes
¦ Never Press ENTER to save the selection.

2. If the issue persists, please remove all the removable
parts of the printer including all the cartridges, Imaging
drum, and Fuser assembly. Clean it with a lint free dry
cloth including the metallic contacts (E-label) which
connect to the printer, reseat them.

Please refer the below link on how to remove the Fuser

Clean the Pickup roller assembly by following the below

Please remove and reseat the ADF assembly by following the
below link:
- curtda5099
This HP 2840 just says to install supply and the 4 cart. indicaters have a question mark. I tried differant cartridge and the same thing. It seems it does not make contact with the chips on the cartridges. What would be the solution to this?
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