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Hp HP LaserJet 1200

HP Laserjet 1200 series - problem with roller mark

I have a HP Laserjet 1200 series, but when I print there is a roller mark down the middle of the printed page. What is causing this?
You need to do what is called a half test. Put a sheet of paper on the top of the paper tray in the manual feeder and press the large button for a second or two to print a self test. When the back edge of the paper enters the printer, quickly open the toner door to stop the printing. Now remove the toner cartrdige and look at the image below. If the defect is present the toner cartridge is the issue and needs to be replaced. If the defect is not present then it is the fuser teflon sleeve has a defect and the kit below is what you need.


98\% of the time it is the toner cartridge.
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Thanks for the advice. I tried the half test and I guess that I'm in the 2\% where it is not the toner cartridge causing the problem. The defect was not present when I removed the cartridge.

The roller mark that does appear down the center of the page sometimes is darker than other times. Sometimes the roller mark is quite faint. I use recycled paper where I print on the back of already printed paper. Could this be causing ink to be transferred to the roller?

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the fixing film sleeve causing the problem.open the rare door of the printer check it out if the film isnot damage or broken
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