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Hp HP LaserJet 6L

Paper feed problem on HP Laserject 6L

So I got the usual problem that my laserjet wanted to pull through more than one sheet of paper. My brother came over and used this cardboard insert to fix it. It looks like all it did was put a sticker inside. Anyways, this fix worked fine until recently. Now my printer won't feed any paper at all...not from the paper feed or the envelope feed. I've decided that I want to remove that stupid sticker...I'll feed the printer 1 page at a time if I have to. My problem is, how do I get that sticker out of there? Do I have to disassemble the printer? Suggestions for what I can use it pull it out? I'm at a loss here...any help would be appreciated.

Also, should I just forget about it and get the better fix kit? Will that make it easier?

-Nay nay
HP had an ingenious idea putting a replacement brown rubber separation pad on the end of a cardboard insert & any user can fix the multi feed issue that ALL upward feed lasers have had. BUT, sometimes the new pad comes loose & goes sideways & then it can't feed paper at all. ---- HP did warranty this problem from 2001 to 2004 & had warranty centers properly replace the whole part & clean the machine for FREE for the customer but that is long over. You need to get the slipped separation pad out by removing the toner cartridge & reaching your 1st finger over & behind the gray paper pick up roller & catch an edge of the brown rubber pad & pull the pad up & out. Then try the kit listed here or just another cardboard insert.

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Ingenious idea?? Sticking a pad onto a layer of dust that was on top of the old pad? They were good for pulling off when the pickup roller turned and then they wound up attaching themselves to the fuser assy.. Then there were the ones where the customer didn't get it stuck on right and they blocked the paper path. I personally removed quite a few of them. The ONLY reason HP came up with this lame fix was to avoid a recall. In that case, I guess it was an ingenious idea. - moe
I would advice that he order the kit and wait for it to arrive before doing anything. When he follows the instructions in the kit he will have access to the "HP Fix" and can remove it at that time. Trying to get it out beforehand can sometimes result in damage to the mylar strips at the bottom of the paper feeder.
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