asked Jul 23, 2002 at 10:59am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

laserwriter II not responding...

I've done a couple of repairs on my Apple LaserWriter IINT via this site but I wonder if it may be time to give it up on this one...
The LaserWriter printed a page normally last night then started to act oddly. It seemed to restart and printed out a startup sheet (which had been turned off). The sheet gave a total sheet count of "0". When I tried to print to it again the computer acts normally with the print dialog showing up and seemingly accepting the print job, but nothing ever shows up in the printer progress window and nothing prints.
The printer shows up in the Chooser as being on the network, but when I choose a setup option the wheels just seem to spin and nothing happens. I'm thinking logic board. Any other thoughts?
What are my options??

i had this problem once and it was my drivers do you have the newest driver from the apple website? cause if you dont, get it. I also have parts for that printer and others for sale if needed. As well as psrts for all mac stuff
by nate on Jul 23, 2002 at 11:16am Add comment