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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Mac OS X (Leopard) Compatible HP and Epson printer

I will be buying a Mac soon with OS X (Leopard) on it. We have two Windows XP PC's in our house that have desket (inkjet) printers attached to them. One is an Epson Stylus 600 that says Windows/Macintosh compatible, according to the owners manual in 1997. The next one is an HP 960cse from the year 2001 that is Windows only (installation cd that came with it is for Windows only). The Epson uses a popular S020093 and S020089 ink cartridges and the HP uses the popular HP 45 and 78 ink cartridges. I have a plethora of extra ink cartridges on hand for both printers that I was able to acquire extremely cheaply and was wondering how I can go about finding an Epson or HP printer that will take these number cartridges and work with OS X (Leopard)? Thanks.
Most of the 900 series HP DJ printers use the 78 & 45 ink cartridges and a lot support a MAC. You will have to check your local computer reseller, thrift store or ebay for specific models and then google if they work on a MAC. I am quite surprised that your Epson is still working as it is quite ancient so you might have to toss in the towel on those ink cartridges as I believe that the 600 is the most recent printer to use those ink cartridges. Check the box for other Epson printers that use those cartridges and again check the above resources for printers although I don't have much hope that you will find anything.
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I'm surprised my Epson 600 is working too after all these years. Someone on this board a couple months ago told me that older inkjet printers are better than newer ones, since they use less ink. Hence, I decided to keep the HP and Epson. I'll keep looking to see if OS X will support these two printers. - Happs
I just thought of something. When I was looking at the specifications on the Mac Mini and Imac, I don't see where they have parallel ports. My Epson only has a parallel port--no USB:-) Am I out of luck on the Epson?
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I believe that the Epson also has a round serial port that was used with the earlier Macs. The bigger problem is that Epson's drivers only support up to System 9.
Hope this helps.
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If the Epson doesn't have a USB then yes, you are out of luck. Some of the Epsons have the round DB serial port for older MACs, but yes, you need the one that has USB. As for drivers, you may be able to use the Bonjoir driver on the MAC so they can talk.
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I appreciate your help. Yes, the Epson does have a round serial port that was used for earlier Macs. If I'm able to find a driver for the Epson, do you think a parallel to usb or a serial to usb port adaptor would work?
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I am not sure, but I do not believe so. I do not believe that you will find a driver that will allow the MAC to run that Epson. Just because you can hook it up doesn't mean that the MAC can talk to it. Don't forget that PC's use PCL language and the MAC must use postscript or some other type of emulation.
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