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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

Color LJ 2840 Firmware

I recently had a working CLJ2840 and for some stupid reason I decided to download the firmware update on the HP website. Needless to say the results were not what I expected. Acording to the Firmware utility from hp the upgrade worked, (I got a smiley face at the end), But the printer disagreed and Now all that happens is the error light flashes and a scrolling bar of dots appear at the bottom of the LCD screen. I found out that there is a "firmware recovery DIMM" available for such a problem. I also found out that HP no longer sells it. I also found out that my printer was only 7 months out of warrenty. Does anyone out there have one of these "DIMMS"? I have also ran accross a lot of people that have had this same problem, including one video on Youtube with a man describing the same thing and saying he was giving HP 1 week and the next vid he was going to make was of him destroying his 2840. Does anyone know a good lawyer who does class actions?
Any help would be appreciated.
Yes, there is a part number. No, HP doesn't sell it. Told me that I have to purchase the entire formatter. No, the "authorized" reseller does not have it but it can be found in England. I had the same problem and the customer ended up buying another machine and using the toner, drum, etc as spares.
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This just happened to me recently and was able to resolve it. I went to install the firmware over the network and had the same error lights. The first thing I did was reset the NVRAM Ram (Enter and * while powering on the printer) Then it was able to boot and get to the Ready stage but factory settings were reset. After I set the IP Address the error lights started again. I noticed the print spool actually had the firmware instruction in it, so I cleared the print spool and it worked fine.

Try this
1: Unplug any network or printer cables, then turn off and turn on again.
2: Check and clear print spool on any connected PC's
3: Reset NVRAM
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wolfrhk's suggestion to reset the printer worked for me after a firmware update using a MAC with OSX 10.4 via USB.

After the update the printer was stuck in some kind of initialization loop. I had to try several times before I was able to get into it at the right time holding down the Enter and * keys. Finally it loaded the code from its memory and seems to be OK and running on the updated firmware.
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Thanks very much, your suggestion worked. You were way more helpful than HP was.
Thanks Again,
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It worked for me too. I even spent an hour on the phone with HP and they couldn't get it to work. While she had me on hold, I found this article and fixed it. Phew!
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the HP Color LaserJet 2840 PCL6 has never been able to scan properly and after hours on the phone to so-called tech support, they swapped machines. New is no better. I see there is no new firmware for over a year. Any better firmware available from outside HP?
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txlandman, you may need to enable the SNMP stack in the printer (see Networking options) in order to get the scanning functionality working.
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and how may I enable the SNMP stack? Where do i find the (Newtworking options) - Anonymous
you can access your printer's administration pages using a web browser. you need to know the ip address of your printer to do so.
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How do I find the ip address?
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txlandman, you could use HP software (for example HP JetAdmin or HP Managed Printing Administration) to autodetect all printers in your network and get the ip address of the printer that way.

otherwise, if your printer has not been configured manually it tries by default to get an ip address from an address provider server in your network. if there is no such server (DHCP, BOOTP) in your network visible to your printer, the printer will autoconfigure a link-local ip address. in the first case (the printer gets the address from a server) you can see from the server logs the ip address that was given to the printer. in the latter case (works also in the former case) you could use a network analyzer program to see which address was given to the printer.
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I googled HP Managed Printing Administration and cant find it. I noticed there is a new 2009 driver update. Is it safe to use? Since 2007, every HP update I allowed has killed the printer and I had top spend hours on the phone with alledged tech support to get it halfway working again. I don't know DHCP or BOOTP. This is a home network with 2 PCs.
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Thank you; very useful.
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