asked Feb 7, 2008 at 5:53pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP 2840 cyan toner everywhere after shipping.


I recently bought a second HP 2840 off the ‘bay. The first one runs like a fine watch, so I thought a second one for home would be a great deal. Well….the seller did not remove the toner cartridges or the imaging drum from the printer before shipping (I wouldn’t have known either). It was not packed real well.

When I got the printer out of the box, there was (and is) cyan toner everywhere I have looked, except the scanner and very top stuff. I haven’t opened anything that required a screw driver yet, but suspect I might find the same.

The machine turns on, makes appropriate noises for a while, and then gives a 59.99 error message, which according to my recently downloaded service manual, is a T2 clutch problem, or DC controller.

1. Is cyan toner everywhere permanently fatal? The manual doesn’t seem to address that problem.
2. If it is not fatal, do I have to take the thing COMPLETELY apart and clean every grain of cyan toner from everywhere?
3. Is stray cyan toner sufficient to permanently mess up the T2 clutch or DC controller? Is that just the beginning?
4. Is the T2 clutch (mentioned only in reference to the error message in the manual) the same as the roller engaging clutch? CL2? The manual is not too specific on this.
5. Probably an absurd question, but is the cyan toner cartridge toast now?
6. Any other questions I don’t know enough to ask yet?

This is not a work printer, I have time and space to work, and I like to fool around with stuff, so I’ll probably get my money’s worth out of this forum before all is said and done.

Thanks for your help,

Call the carrier and send it back, it's a lemon. The seller can figure it out
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