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Epson Dx 7450 Photo paper not loading

I have a Epson Dx7450 which is 2 months old. I have printed on both paper and glossy photo paper. However, when I now try to print the photo paper it rejects the paper and states that the paper is not loaded properly. No matter what I try it will not accept the photo paper anymore - Help
As a tech, I get this problem from my clients regularly.
Most of the time it is because the paper they were using has left a film or residue on the pickup rollers that cause slipping.
If it feeds regular paper and will not feed photo paper, then this film is causing a failure to grip the slippery surface.

Cleaning the rollers with a soft cloth dipped in citrus cleaner like "Orange Power" seems to remove this scum successfully.

If you cannot reach the rollers.
Try dampening a page of heavier paper with the citrus cleaner and feeding it through. Sometimes I deliberately grab the paper while the pickup rollers try to pull it through to give the rollers a better wipe.
Feed the dampened paper through a few times, then leave the printer alone for a few minutes to let the rollers dry.
Then give the photo paper a try.

I've had a 95\% success rate with this, Though occasionally I get one who's rollers really need replacing. But with the age of your printer, I can assume it is likely to fix the problem.


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Oops Warning!
Don't dampen photocopy paper, as it will often get too soft, tear apart and leave your printer full of debris.

Business card paper is good.

I will often cut up a cereal packet and dampen the non coated side lightly with either citrus cleaner or eucalyptus oil. Then feed it through with the dampened side facing the pickup rollers (usually upwards).
Both oils appear to work great.

Adios Amigos,

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Gudday M8 - seems to have sorted the problem


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Gudday M8..Thank you sooooo much

Maan..youre the life savior..
really thanks for the advice..

Warm regards from Indonesia!
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