asked Jan 27, 2008 at 2:14pm
Hp HP OfficeJet 5610

HP Officejet 5610 constantly jams

We've owned this officejet for over a year and ever since we first bought it, it has jammed far more frequently than other printers. At first it mostly happened when we were using recycled one sided paper. So, we sighed, and stopped that paper saving measure.

Now it is jamming constantly. Yesterday I printed 16 pages and by the time I had my 16 pages printed, I also had 16 eaten ones. The paper always jams about halfway through and easily pulls out--not shredded. It is less likely to jam if we put through one sheet of paper at a time. It also has a tendency to pick up more than one sheet of paper at once.

I visited the hp support site and cleaned the rollers behind the back door as instructed. No change. I have opened the printer several times to look for dust, paper, etc, and can't find anything. However, I learned in reading this that we should not have been pulling the paper out of the front, we should have been opening the back door (every time?!). So, if this damages an internal mechanism, I guess that's damaged.

Is there a way to improve this problem? Is it just the way the multifunction officejets are? Are there multifunction printers that don't have this problem (I mean, if we are tired of feeding paper one at a time and being frustrated every time we print, should we replace it?)

Thank you!

Help? Anyone? Even just advice to toss it and buy a new one?
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