Herb Smith

asked Jan 26, 2008 at 10:57am
Hp HP LaserJet 2420DN

HPLJ 2420dn

Fellow techs,

I'm working on an HPLJ 2420dn with a grinding/rubbing/roaring/vibrating type sound from the rear of the printer. This noise is present on power up initialization with or without the toner cartridge installed. I installed a new genuine HP Maintenance kit hoping the fuser was the culprit. No luck.

I removed the toner and tray 2. I then turned the unit upside down and put my hand on the oblique roller assy. On power up, at that point, I could feel strong vibrations. What in the world is in that area of the printer to go bad?

HP's forum was no help. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I have seen this when the pickup roller shaft moves to the right and does not make contact with the pickup roller correctly. It causes the problems with the main gear assembly on the right side which is probably making all the noise. You need to tear it down to the frame removing the formatter, ecu and main gear assembly. Not a fun task but necessary. After tear down make sure the pickup roller shaft is locked into the pickup assembly and also there is no problem with the white gear at the end of the shaft that is controlled by the selenoid. It is a two part gear with a spring on the inside to force movement when the selenoid activates.
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