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Hp HP LaserJet 3100

HP LaserJet 3100

Hi everyone,

My HP LaserJet 3100 is driving me crazy. Every time it prints out, the paper gets 2 black lines crossing from top to bottom. One line is about 1 inch from the left margin and another is about 2 inches from the right margin. I already did the clean and replaced it with different toner cartridge, but it doesn't help. I am thinking about it could be the heating element or the fuser assembly cause this problem. Does anyone have this problem before? If so, what does it take to fix it? Please help. Thank you. I really appreciate that.
More than likely either a bad transfer roller (the one under the toner you arent supposed to touch) or the upper roller in the fusing assembly. They dont last forever, eventually need some work. Take a flashlight and look into the opening where the paper comes out of the fuser and see what the roller surface looks like.
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From the description, it isn't anything mechanical. Any roller problem would make 3 - 6 lines. You're describing 2 lines that cross, if I'm reading it right. That would indicate a problem with the electronics. Can you post a copy of the image somewhere or click on my name and email it to me?
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Here is the update from what I got. My hp laserjet 3100 was getting 2 thick black lines crossing from top to bottom before. Today, I tore some parts out and clean paper path and 2 rollers underneath the fuser assembly. Now, it prints with 1 dark black line on the right side of paper. It is about 2 inches away from the right margin, and still crossing from top to bottom. Another black line was completely gone after this. I don't know what to do to get rid of this line. I already cleaned again and again and replaced some rollers but it doesn't help. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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