asked Jan 20, 2008 at 6:00am
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Epson RX500 error says all ink is out but it's not

Hello my Epson RX500 has been running great for a couple of years but now it doesn't recognize ink cartridges.
It ran out of black ink but after replacing it I got an error message saying that ALL my colors were out, including the new black one. The screen that shows how much is left for each color doesn't show any of the colors or their levels -- the area is just blank.

A couple of months ago I had a similar issue where I got a message saying my yellow was out, but I knew it wasn't. I took the yellow cartridge out, shook it to confirm there was lots of ink there, then put it back in. It worked. I tried it again with all the inks when it said they weren't there but it didn't work this time.

I contacted Epson by email and got referred to a repair facility without saying anything about what might be wrong so they were no help.

I really like the scanner portion of this unit (scans to 2400 instead of 1200 with the newer ones) so I'd like to keep using the printer too.

If this is a common problem can y'all bring me up to speed on the issue?
BTW I'm using it on a Mac OS 10.4.11.
I'm looking for the same answer. Mine is doing the exact same thing. And i am using real deal Epson ink cartridges. Someone out there hopefully can help us PLEASE!!!

I called Epson and was told 'no credit card no help.' My repair center went out of business. This is getting to be a real hassle. One unhappy customer (me) is gonna tell 10 friends not to buy Epson brand due to poor support. And they will tell 10 friends......... and so on......... and so on....

Hate to go to WalMart for a cheap throw-a-way replacement, but may have no choice. But you can bet it won't be an Epson based on all the stuff I've been reading on-line looking for an answer to my problem.
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