asked Jan 11, 2008 at 9:20am
Hp HP LaserJet 1320N

Hp 1320n error codes

My error code is not in the manual and Hp wants money to tell me that I probably need a new printer.
Does anyone know when the amber warning light comes on steady and both the green start push button and the green ready light blinks together when I turn on the power, and stays that way.
Thanks for any info, CrazyLou
this error condition should not exist. Hold the Go button for a secondary error.
Do a NVRAM init. Hold the Go button for 20 secs when powering on.
If a D model, check the duplex tray.
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Hi Michael-Tech,
I tried that many times, but still the same results = Warning light on and steady, Ready and on lights blinking together. nothing else happens.
I shut down power for at lease 5 min. in-between cycles.
Trying what you suggested and also trying just the stop button and holding for over 20 seconds, also both the stop and start buttons together for over 20 seconds.
There must be a error code of this type, programs don't do thing on there own.
Do you know why they don't have this information available?
Thanks for your input,
Lou - unknown
Hello Michael Tech, and to Lou

I have the same problem.

Attention light "on"
Ready light "blinking"
Go button light "blinking"

This error is not in the HP Manual. One thing I noticed is that my router is not recognizing the printer so perhaps the network card is bad?

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