asked Jan 2, 2008 at 7:29am
Lexmark Lexmark Optra R

Lexmark Optra-S 1250, Document Jam

Getting and error for Document Jam tray 1, and cannot find one jammed peice of anything in the tray or feeder area...Any suggestions???

Also, Is the network tray (extra tray, 2nd tray) that I recieved with my Optra-s usable with my optra R?
If this is a fairly new cartridge especially a remanufactured one send it back as the sensor wheel in the cart assembly has broken. This has a tension spring wrapped around the RHS (as you face the printer) of the stirrer shaft. The sensor wheel - being plastic and fairly light - are prone to damage esp remanufactured ones. I reglued mine with a two part epoxy as I inherited a written off printer that I could play with. Depends on your skills and level of recklessness!! Also depends on the page count as to whether it is worth repairing, returning or replacing. The wheel becomes out of position as it turns and sends an error to the system. Mine took some time to move and at first I thought it was a weak tension spring but that was not the case.
Some strange numbered error message comes with the problem but it is not related as you have found out.

Good luck
by RicW on Jan 6, 2008 at 6:43am Add comment
Optra R options do not go on optra S....!!!! they will not work...

which tray is it jamming from? if the machine is cycling up and the output rollers are spinning on warmup then i wouldnt say it is an issue with motor....
remove tray and check if there are any marks on the top sheet which may indicate the rollers are slipping on paper due to excessive wear... hint.. try removing roller then then flip over the tire and reinstall... this may work for a few pages but if it does the rollers should be replaced at earlist convenience. another thing to check i if the guides in tray are not too tight against paper...
there are heaps more other things to check but they are the first things that you should check..
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if printer jam error and you can not find a jammed page in the tray or the printer, it sounds like your pick rollers are worn out , or you pick arm asm is worn out and it will not pick up the paper to feed into the printer.
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