asked Sep 4, 2000 at 3:53am
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OKI OL-1200 uses only 1.3mb out of 6mb

This OL 1200/PS came with 6mb of memory installed, but I always thought it was slow... slower than the specs by far.

Now, getting some info out of my Mac's AdobePS 8.6 driver, it reports:
Total Memory Installed: 6 MB
Total Memory Available: 1.3 MB

I have not been able to find any info on this on the web. A call to OKI Tech resulted in them telling me I should use Apple's Laserwriter 8 driver. !? When I tried that, it wouldn't print at all.

Any ideas?

The postscript probably uses about 2mb of the available memory. I doubt it would use 4.7mb. I'm not familiar with the specs on the Okis. I use the Laserwriter 8 driver for all the printers I work on and never had problems. Never had an Oki 1200/PS in the shop yet. I guess that they're either unpopular or don't break down much. Don't you just love the OEM tech support? Probably had to pay for it. Nothing's free anymore.
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