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Hp HP DeskJet Plus

Printing on 4x6 w/tab SOLVED --- Photosmart - 1315

I couldn't get an Answerer from this Forum, so I tried to find someone who could help. I was able to find "SUPPORT" it took a little while, but was able to e-mail someone there, and within a couple days, they sent me an ANSWERER, there were a couple steps that didn't work for me, but with there help, and what I know I had, I was able to work it out, and I thank them very much, and will let them know.

I'm also going to print there Answer, and what I did to get it to work. It might be long, but anyone searching for the same problem will have two Answerer to help them out.

Good Luck -- Lorraine


From: PhotoSmart Printer Support
Date: Friday, July 05, 2002 01:42:56 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: hp photosmart 1315 printer e-mail support (KMM432344V49328L0KM)

Hello Lorraine,

Thank you for contacting the new HP.

I understand that you are able to print 4x6 photos using a memory stick
directly from the HP Photosmart 1315 printer. However I see that when
you download the photos to the hard drive of your PC and then
try to print 4x6 photo, the only template that comes up is a template
for a 8x11 Photo Paper with 4 places you can put pictures on and that it
does not come up with a 4x6 template.

The HP Photosmart 1315 printer is shipped with the HP Photo Printing
software. This software contains templates for printing 4x6 photos. I
have provided below steps to print a 4x6 photo using the software:

1. Open the HP Photo printing software.
2. Click on Open Files option to open the specific images that you want
to print on a single page.
3. Click on the Print icon.
4. From the Design to Page option, select paper type as 4x6 w/tab.
5. Select the correct template depending upon number of images that you
want to print.
6. Drag the images from to the appropriate place in the template.
7. Click on Save Album option from File menu.
7. Click on the Print option to print the page.
8. Select the HP Photosmart 1315 printer from the list of printers in
the drop down list.
9. Under the Size option in Paper, select 4x6 w/tab option.
10. Click on the Properties option for the HP Photosmart 1315 printer.
11. Under the Set up tab, select appropriate paper option for Paper Type
and Paper Size to be 4x6 w/tab.
12. Click Ok.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this message. You
may also find technical and troubleshooting information along with
software updates, on our HP Customer Care web site at


Best regards,
Customer Solutions support agent for the new HP


From Lorraine---

Printing on 4x6 w/tab—

#1--Go to HP Photo Printing Icon software, I have mine on Desk Top. You will see two window sections. The first will say, “No Image have been Loaded”.

#2--Open Files and select the pictures you want to Print. This will put the picture onto the first section, and now the second section will say, “Print Preview is Empty”.

#3--Than go to “Prints” (The Icon with Prints being cut with scissors) and NOT “Print” (The Printer Icon)

#4—Now click on the 4x6 Template (There wasn’t a Template for4x6 w/tab option, just a 4x6)

#5---Next go down to where it says, “Design to Page Size:” There was a 4x6 w/tab there, so click on that. Click OK. Now I have a Template in the “Print Preview Window on the Right side.

#6---Next go to the left side where you have your Picture you brought up from the “Open File”, and Drag it to the Template. If you have more than one Picture you brought up, go back to step #3, do this until you have all the pictures you brought up from “Open File” into the templates. When you do the second template, you will see the first picture will be in the second Template also, that’s OK because, when you drag the second picture to the second Template, it will replace the picture that was in there.

#7---Now go to Print (The Printer Icon) and select the name of your Printer--mine was hp Photosmart 1315 series>Paper Size—4x6in. (With Tab)>Properties, at the top>Paper Type, what ever kind your using, I Highlighted Photo Paper and clicked on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, Glossy. When I did that, the right Quality came up with “Best”
Where it says Paper Size, make sure “Photo 4x6 w/tab is selected.

#8--- Click “Apply” “Ok” and ‘Ok” again.
Now it will print the pictures you have on the Print Preview Window, on the Right side.

Hope this all helpes someone -- Lorraine