asked Dec 3, 2007 at 6:58am
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R800 printing problem

I'm having problems with my Photo R800. I use Photoshop CS3 and have followed the procedure for turning off the printer drivers. I also use custom ICC profiles from Epson for the 800, which I downloaded from their web site. I use Epson paper.

The problem is that the color is way off from the view on the monitor. I mean green leaves are blue and red flowers are VERY pink! Is it possible that the monitor calibration is that far off?
I'm also wondering if the printer drivers are still working, even though I selected no color management in Photoshop.

not sure if it makes a difference but my gloss and cyan cartriges are very low (4\%). Thanks for any help.
The monitor calibration can be that far off! :) Trust me.

Be sure to select no colour management in the printers dialogue box; and in the photoshop print dialouge box " let photoshop determine colours". Be careful also to tic the "black point compensation" box right under the drop down bar besides "rendering intent". (Choose rendering intent "perceptual" or "relative colormetric")

You need to juggle two printer set up boxes...
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