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Hp HP DeskJet 6122

disassembly instructions for HP Deskjet 6122

Good Morning,
Does anyone have disassembly instructions for this model of printer? I need to clean out the ink reservoir and perform some standard maintenance.

Thank you.
Deskjet 6122, Removing the case

1. Remove the small case piece on each side of the paper tray. There is small latch on each, releasable from the underside of the printer.
2. Remove the two T10 Torx screws on the top of the case. Pry upward with a slot style screwdriver under the tab that each screw went through, and the associated side piece will hinge outward and come off. Free the right side piece by releasing the latch that retains the keypad.
3. Open the hinged cover and release the large latch in front of the service station with a slot style screwdriver. Release the latch on the opposite side in the same relative position, and the main case will lift off.

Email me by clicking on the crossed tools to the right of my name to get the disassembly instructions for the print mechanism. Ask for the Deskjet 900 Series Disassembly Procedure. The DJ 6122 is identical other than the case style.

Cleaning the Service Station.
1. Remove the service station motor by removing one screw.
2. Scrape as much congealed ink as possible from the service station.
3. Soak the service station in hot water to dissolve the remaining ink. This will take a while but after a few rinsings nearly all of the ink will be removed.

Other things that should be done
1. Clean the carriage rod with plastic polish, available at auto parts stores. Its fast and does a great job. I use Meguiar’s.
2. Clean the encoder strip on both sides with a mild diluted cleaner like 409.
3. Replace the carriage rod lubrication/cleaning felts if you can find them, 2 req'd (P/N C6409-80003). Otherwise clean them with a mild diluted cleaner, rinse and let dry, then apply Tri-Flow (get it at a cycle shop).
4. Clean the feed rollers with a cloth dampened with water.
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I got stuck at Cleaning the Service Station (which I want to do): "Remove the service station motor by removing one screw" Which screw, where is it located, is it torx or phillips, or???

"Cleaning the Service Station" is the text after "disassembly instructions for the print mechanism". Must the print mechanism be disassembled before cleaning the service station?

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