asked Nov 27, 2007 at 9:46am
Hp HP LaserJet 4SI

HP 4si Paper not exiting all the way

My printer was jamming so we replaced all the rollers and fuser but now the last page (or first page if only printing one) does not exit the printer all the way. It's not jamming just not seeming to follow through. Any ideas? Is there a setting I need to fix?

The delivery assy. is shot. Has the fuser been changed?
EOL unit. Replace.
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Yes we just replaced the fuser the transfer roller and the delivery roller. We replaced them because of numerous jams and now it's not jamming just not following through. The printer stops rolling before the paper is all the way out. It spits out multiple pages fine but stops short on the last page. If you only print one page it stops short on it. The page is printed fully and clearly it's just not exiting the printer.

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Where exactly is the tail end of the page stopping? Did you try exiting the paper out the back (face up) exit instead of the top? Does it work OK if you do that?
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It stops 1/2 way through the page. You can grab it and pull it out. How do make it come out the back?
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Ok I got the paper to come all the way out. Just changed a setting but my husband moved it from one place to another and now it is making a horrible noise when starting up and printing. Still works but super noisy.

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