asked Nov 22, 2007 at 1:31am
Epson Epson Stylus CX5400

Epson Cx5400 printer problem

I was having the "no printing" problem with this printer and ran across Wesley's cleaner on ebay. After a couple of e-mails and his great information I bought the yellow cleaner and started the repair. I cleaned the print head first and ran several head cleaning cycles, but to no avail. So I tore into the the printer and noticed that the small discharge tube was infact still attached. This was kind of a kick to the stomach because I thought that would be the problem. I went ahead and disconnected the tube from front(I guess This is the discharge pad) and injected the tube with cleaner and noticed back pressure. So upon moving the ink pad carrier over and disconnecting it and removing the two springs I found a very small fitting that I assumed to be clogged. And it was. In fact I had to soften the clog and was able to push it on through with a pin. After flushing out the hose, ink pad and small fitting I reassembled everything and powered up. I ran several head cleaning cycles and nozzle checks. I am getting print now except the yellow ink. I have removed the catriges and can definilty tell there is still some goo in that part of the cleaning head. I guess my question is, after running several more head cleanings should I continue the head cleanings after the printer has set for a while, or should I remove the head carriage and try to clean it that way. I have read almost all the info here and I have to say I am very dissappointed in Epson. I have three different epson printers and it seems to me that the cx5400 is a complete waste of materials and resources for Epson to even have built. By the way, I guess the other moral to this story is even if your tube is not disconnected, there is a good chance that is is plugged, and more than likely at the small fitting that connects the clear tube to the ink pad assembly. Also, this is what the internet was intended for. There is a wealth of info here. The guys like Wes that are in the business sharing info really helps guys like myself that can not afford to take our stuff to a shop everytime something tears up. Thanks again Wes and I love this forum. Happy Thanksgiving everybody and I will post if I can get that damn yellow cartirdge to print. Oh, and before someone might ask, I have taken the yellow cartridge that was in it out and put a new one in to see if maybe that was the problem. It has to be the head. I can still feel the cleaner does not flow though the yellow inlet as well as the rest of them.