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Hp HP LaserJet 5100

HP 5100 error 79.00fe

Have this error on printer ,performed cold reset without jetdirect card installed ,was able to print config page.When i put the jetdirect card back it cleared too until i tried to print, error came back leading me to think its de jet direct card.Is this correct even with de green light on card working and card being regognised on config page.
Problem could be the printjob. I would makes sure the jobs in the print que are deleted. If you still get the error sending a different job to the prnter, then you probably have a bad jetdirect card
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Cheers thanx for de help think i got it sorted,i did a cold reset with the jetdirect card in and it seemed to solve the problem,could actually have been a print job which caused it.
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Is the JetDirect a 615N?

I've seen them cause 79 errors many times, sometimes they work for days after a cold reset, but the problem almost always comes back.
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Stephen, can you recommend a replacement card other than the 615N? We are on our 3rd one in this particular printer and the 79 error appeared today (2/21/08)
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The 615n is nothing short of junk. I don't think HP will sell you one anymore. I've replaced all of my defective 615n's with 620n's.
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I have also been experiencing many 615 failures. My solution is to replace them with a 620. - Anonymous
HP was sending out free replacement 620Ns, unfortunately the program ended in October 2008.

The 620Ns are much more reliable, I recommend the newer version of the card, the J7934G.
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I thought HP was continuing the free 615 NIC replacement with the 620 cards until 12/31/08. Try calling the Direct Line Jetdirect card office in Boise, ID at 208-333-4261 & see if that is frue.
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Am in the phone with HP it has been extended until April
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Does your printer have the optional hard drive? Take it out and turn off the printer and try to print.
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Dear sir

model : hp laser jet 5100

Error Name : 79.00FE PRINTER ERROR

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In order to fix the 79.00FE printer error, first you have to print a configuration page. Then remove the jet direct and power on while holding the go button down on the printer. After display reads offline, the reset process is complete. After the cold reset, remove the jet direct card and see if the 79.00FE error goes away. If the 79.00FE error appears before a job is sent then it may be the DIMMS, try removing them to see if the error persists.
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