asked Nov 6, 2007 at 9:42am
Hp HP LaserJet 6P

HP LaserJet 6P not printing from lower tray

I took the lower tray out to see if there was a jam and found some parts that had fallen out of somewhere. There are 2 small, clear plastic rollers and 2 metal clips of some kind. If someone can tell me where they go, and if they are easily replaceable, that would be great.
They go in the rear of the fuser assy. If you open the back door, you'll see some rubber rollers. The clear rollers are guide rollers and if they aren't in place above the rubber rollers, the paper will jam. It's a bit difficult to pop it back in place without removing the fuser and taking the rubber roller shaft out, but I've done it before. The flat part of the wire is oriented in the up direction and the 2 curly wires go on either end of the clear roller. You'll see 2 posts where the shafts pop in.
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Thanks for the reply. I can see where the rollers go but I think they must be broken. There's a post on only one end of each of them. It looks to me like there should be a post on both ends so both ends of the curly wire have someplace to hook on to. I don't see a repair kit that includeds these rollers. Do you know if they can be bought from here?

Thanks again.
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Click on my name to email me. I should have some.
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