asked Dec 14, 2000 at 4:18pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

LW 360 fuser lamp

anyone know of a source for just the
Apple LW fuser lamp. I have found
some kits but they cost more than a good
used one
Just got a shipment of those in. We were going to shoot the videos this weekend and put it on the site next week. Email me for ordering info.
by moe on Dec 14, 2000 at 4:38pm Add comment
I have an Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR with the
fuser element open. Will this one work?
by unknown on Dec 27, 2000 at 1:26pm Add comment
No, you want to order the PLW 2 blinking lights at warmup kit.
by moe on Dec 27, 2000 at 1:42pm Add comment