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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP LaserJet 2840 All in One disappearing

Alright, strange problem.... There is a network with this 2840 printer installed. Every couple of months or so the network stops seeing it. Have to go through and reload the drivers on all the systems. Now the even stranger part is, at this same time, the printer loses the number of rings for fax, basically losing all its settings. Looks like a cold reset.

Anyone run into anything like this?
I do not know if anyone replied to you or not to help, but I have had this same problem, expecially with the can to feature. Eventually was able to talk to an HP tech who provided me with the steps to reset the toolbox function. The text is as follows:

This is the process which the tech took me through to fix the scanning issue:

1. Click: Start

2. Next go to: Run

3. Click: Browse

4. Open C:\\ drive and look for Program Files

5. Open Program Files and look for “Hewlett-Packard” program and open it.

6. Open folder named “Toolbox”

7. In the Toolbox folder double click on “hpbpsttp”

8. When the language comes up in the “Run” window go to the end of the language (after .exe”).

9. Hit space bar one time and type: “-restart”

This should restart the tool box and allow you to go to the “Scan To” tab to set up the scan to function. Apparently the “scan to” function is very sensitive to the IP address of the printer and if the printer ever tries to change or loses the IP address this has to be done to restart the tool box so it can connect to the device. The tech agreed that setting the IP manually as a static address should help, but we shall see.

Any way there it is.

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