asked Oct 14, 2007 at 10:25am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple LaserWriter II jam

I'm having a problem with the paper jamming where it's fed through almost to the difuser then stops and the back end of the sheet gets folded up on itself. It's getting pulled out of the tray so I don't think it's a bad pickup roller. Don't want to buy a rebuild kit that I don't need.
Watch the pickup roller as it is doing its thing. Just look along the top of the tray. What I think is happening is that it is making more than one revolution. That will cause the folding. Let us know if that's the case.
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The other day I couldn't get two sheets to print in a row without it jamming. Now I carefully watched that roller and I've put through at least 3 dozen prints and it's working just fine. Go figure. I'll just wait until/if it starts acting up again and check the roller. Is this behavior temperture related at all?

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