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Hp HP LaserJet P3005DN

Formatter board for HP LJ P3005DN

Does anybody know a part# of Formatter board for HP LJ P3005DN.
Tray 2 Paper Tray RM1-3732-000CN
Tray 3 Paper Tray RM1-3796-000CN
Tray 2 Separation Pad Assembly RM1-3738-000CN
Tray 3 Separation Pad Assembly RM1-3738-000CN
Formatter Base/D bundle Q7847-60001
Formatter all N bundles Q7848-60012
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Part Number: Q7848-61002
Part Description: LJ P3005N PCA 02.038.5

For my P3005 experience read:

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Just finished testing a p3005.

The symptoms vary between a blank display after power on, or a stops at memory count of 48MB and stays there, and an occasional 49 error during initialization.

I was staring at the formatter and thinking about all the BGA chip solder joint problems and had a thought...

I powered off the machine, put my thumb on the large chip over the DIMM slot, and powered on the thing while pushing gently on the chip...

The printer initialized and went to a ready state, I kept my thumb on the chip and went through the menus and printed a config page and all tested good.

I have since double checked and found that the machine will work after initialization without pressure on the chip, but will hang every time during init unless pressure is applied to the chip.

Since this printer is under warranty I'll leave the blow dryer at home.

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How to repaire Formatter board for the printer HP 3005DN. Its hang when its start to initialise.

Any best technique?
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