asked Oct 3, 2007 at 12:36pm
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

HP LaserJet 1200 Paper Jam after fuser rebuild

Using the kit offered on this site I replaced the fixing film in the fuser assembly. During the process I found small pieces of the old film under the pressure roller, which I carefully removed. I can find no other pieces of the old film within the printer although there wasn't enough pieces to account for all of the missing film.

Now when I turn the machine on, after powering up, all lights flash in rotation ending with the blinking code indicating a paper jam, except there is no jam. I can get the printer to feed a single sheet of paper from the paper tray, which will move past the toner cartridge, but it does not enter the fuser assembly. Instead it folds itself in an accordian pattern inside the printer. It appears that whatever roller causes the paper to pass through the fuser assembly is not working but I can't figure out what component isn't working properly.

I have disassembled the fuser assembly three times (thank you for supplying the video with your kit) and cannot find anything wrong. All rollers turn when the fuser is out of the printer. I first thought that it might be a problem with the fuser assembly itself but maybe it's a sensor in the paperpath (?)

I'm no technician, although I have the HP Service & Documentation cd and maybe could be. I have spent days researching this problem, trying the suggested troubleshooting methods, to no avail. I've just spent two hours searching and reading within this forum to find my solution; found only one person who had a similar problem but it was solved by removing the pieces of the old fixing film. Needless to say, I'm pretty frustrated. Does anyone out there have a suggestion on what I could try next?

Many thanks!
You need to find out why the fuser is not turning.

If you removed any gears you might have missed putting one back on, part number RA0-1088-000CN comes to mind.

If you open and shut the cover the motor should run for a few seconds, when the motor is running the output rollers should turn. If the rollers do not turn then use that symptom to troubleshoot. (might help to run it with the side cover off so you can see the gears turning)

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The only gear that was removed was for the ease of removing the fuser assembly (as suggested in the video for the fixing film replacement) which was replaced when I reinstalled the fuser assembly. All gears appear to be fine; no worn/missing teeth.

Both side covers are off; I connected the power supply. The motor runs as the printer goes through it's self-test, all visible gears (including those on the fuser assembly) are rotating normally. A single sheet of paper feeds through but again when it gets to the fuser assembly instead of passing through it stops and a portion of the sheet curls up around the toner cartridge. The leading edge of the paper remains at the fuser assembly.

I just removed the curled paper; the printer motor ran, quit, and now the light is blinking signifying a paper jam, except the paper has been removed. To clear the light I need to disconnect and reconnect the power supply; which leads me back to what I described above.

Any other suggestions? Thank you for your response!

- JesusFreak68