asked Sep 3, 2000 at 6:26pm
Unknown Printer

h.p. deskwriter 600 problem:

i have a customer who has a deskwriter 600 connected to a performa 6400/200 running 0.S. 7.6.1

will print fine for a few pages, then just stops for no reason in the middle of a print job.
says "printer can't be found."
go into chooser and notice that connection has mysteriously moved from printer port to modem port.
this machine has the internal modem.
i set it back to printer port....
restart mac...
problem fixed for a few pages and then starts all over again!

i've tried everything.


scott s.

I kind of think this is a software issue, not a problem with the printer. Since Mac software is not one of my strong suits, I'll suggest a few places you can try for help; macfixit.com, maccentral.com, comp.sys.mac.printing (dejanews newsgroup forum). Good luck.
by moe on Sep 3, 2000 at 11:46pm Add comment