asked Sep 28, 2007 at 8:48pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP 2840 Water Damage kinda works need help

I got a 2840 AIO that has had a large amound of water poured on it from a busted water pipe. I let it dry out for several days and switching its position to get it all out. It turns on and seems to initialize just fine however it shows the error message "shut or close door" Any advice would be appreciated before I tear into it looking and testing all the switches I can find. All the menus apear to work but cannot print config report. Have not tried web admin yet. Thanks!

EDIT: I can get into the web admin. I will post the event log. Also it seems like it has been rebooting a little bit too. I cannot consistently reproduce so im not sure.

Event Log
Number Code Page
1 59.0192 7242
2 50.4000 7242
3 57.0000 7242
4 59.0192 7242
5 50.4000 7242
6 59.0192 7242
7 50.4000 7242
8 57.0000 7242
9 59.0192 7242
10 50.4000 7242