asked Sep 26, 2007 at 10:12pm
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panafax uf-788 error code

my machine is coming up with a printer CODE=54 error message. does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?
Hi !

The UF-788 is based on the UF-744.

Error code 054 indicates a problem with the laser unit (it's probably failed).

As these machines are nearly 10 years old now, I doubt a new laser unit would be a cost effective repair.

If you are therefore content with the fact that the machine could be heading for landfill, you have nothing to lose by stripping the laser scanner down and seeing if the scanner motor is stiff etc. Although these are supposed to be sealed units (relatively dust free inside) they do come apart relatively easily.

The Panasonic part number for a new laser scanner is LPA1405F.

If you need a service manual - let me know. The UF-744 manual is just under 12Mb, and the UF-788 supplement is another 5Mb.

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I can use the service manual for the UF-744; how can I get it? Thanks - Anonymous
Hi there

Is it possible to have that UF-744 Manual? I will try to dissemble the laser unit but I need the service manual to do so. When everybody trashes everything today its (at least) good to try to fix it.

Very good site for reference.

Thank You !

Gilles - BCGilles
I could really use a sevice manual for the UF-788. I understand that I need the UF-744 manual and the supplement for the UF-788.
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I have the Manual for this product and error code 054 isn't even listed in the troubleshooting section. It skips it! lol.
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