asked Sep 26, 2007 at 8:39am
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

HP LaserJet 1200, did fuser video, diagonal lines

I ordered your fuser repair kit and video and just got done completing the repairs. Now when I try to print, there are diagonal smudges across the entire page. They run from the top left to the bottom right of the page. Where did I mess up?
Two more things:
1. There is an audible squeak as the paper passes through the fuser assemblage.

2. The smudges run in a pattern that looks like the outside of the bar that was underneath the fuser film, the roller pressure bar or something. My bar looked twisted, and while I plan to replace it, this pattern did not appear before I made the repairs.

I'm thinking that I may not have added enough lubricant before replacing the fuser screen. I am hesitant to add more without confirmation or suggestions because the video said that too much lubricant will create problems as well. Should I add more or does this issue sound as though it is related to something else?
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Those fusers don't squeak, at least I've never heard one squeak. We usually give enough lubricant to do the one fuser, with just a little bit extra. What kind of condition was the rubber pressure roller in? Was it smooth or wrinkled? If you need a new pressure roller, we have them as well.
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Firstly, because you are affiliated with the site, I would like to add that the video was really well done. It was easy to follow, to the point, and covered every conceivable aspect of the repairs (including those pesky pressure release levers).

Now, the surface of the pressure roller looked as though it were made of black leather that had been twisted, resulting in creases and cracks. It will probably need replacing in the near future. But since it looked like that before I attempted to fix the fuser, I don't think that it is related to the current problem.

At any rate, I tried to run another test sheet after reading your response and it jammed. I was able to use the pressure release levers to free the sheet, and now the smudges are nearly gone. There is only a small bit of smudging dragged from the text at the very bottom of the page to the bottom margin.

I don't want to come off like I think I know what I'm talking about, but it seems as though the paper is being pinched between the fuser and the roller bar, which is why I brought up lubrication in the first place. Since lubrication is not related to the problem, then are there perhaps some common mistakes in reassmbling the fuser assemblage that may account for this? - Anonymous
My HP LaserJet 1200 is aging, and is starting to smudge the copy with a ghosted area every 1.5", repeating an image from 3" above it. Is there a roller in the chain that could be picking up toner before it is fused? Any thoughts?
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i have seen kind of "repeating" image caused by the PCR (the charger roller that "press" the optic drum). if the problem is really in cartridge, that roller is your man i think :).
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