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HP Officejet K80 will not send or receive a fax

I have a *very* lightly used HP Officejet K80 that will not send or receive a fax. It used to work just fine. When I receive a fax, the printer, thinks it is picking up the call after the designated number of rings, but as far as the sender is concerned the line either keeps ringing, or goes off into deep space (mostly keeps ringing).

When I send a fax, there is no dial tone on the line when I send, even when I do it manually - just a very slight hiss. The K80 acts as if it is calling a number that does not pick up (it just rings and rings on the K80 end, until it times out).

I am very reluctant to get rid of this printer as it has been used so lightly. I would say that considerably less than 120 sheets of paper have been printed on it throughout it's entire life. It looks like new. Please note that I have tested this on several phone lines, including lines without an answering machine on it. Any advice would be appreciated.


Its definitely worth repairing if it is used as little as you say. You won't get an all-on-one anywhere near the quality for the cost of the part.

If you have a known good phone line and phone cable, then you may have a defective Line Interface Module (LIU), HP P/N C6747-60008 if you are in the U.S. The part costs approximately $40 online.

I'm going to working on an Officejet K60 (same as the K80 but no preprogrammed fax buttons) tomorrow. Email me a reminder by clicking on the crossed tools to the right of my name and I'll post the details for removing the LIU. It unlatches and uplugs from the back somehow.
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