asked Sep 14, 2007 at 4:41am
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

HP 1200 - load noise

Hi all, I looked through the repair kits for the hp1200 and did not see but one and it did not fit my problem. My 1200 started running and making a loud squeal on power up. It used to reset on power down and back up and was working fine for a while.

Now it just runs constantly and squeals the entire time until I pull power. It will not quit. I do not have it connected to a computer right now as it's only for printing from the laptop when the kids need it.

Any advice on the noise, or a repair for it?

Most likely your printer's scanner/head unit is causing the noise. Take the side covers and top cover off. The scanner is inside a little black box just beneath the top cover. The part making the noise looks like flat metal disc which is spun by a motor. Normally this motor has gone dry and needs cleaning. Be sure to clean the sides of the metal disc after handling it.

by Riddick on Sep 14, 2007 at 5:36am Add comment
Fixing the little motor fixed our HP 1220. One thing to add is that you fix/lubricate the motor by turning the little black retainer so you can just slide the disk off the motor windings. This reveals the shaft and the shaft "casing" allowing you to put a drop or two of oil in it. (Wish I had discovered this about an hour earlier!) This makes removing the clip that holds the mirrors on the disc unnecessary. It's just about impossible anyway. :-)

- FixedOn66
I did as you said, and put drop of oil on the spindle. runs quiet, and prints great.
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I posted yesterday and tried to unclude a picture and the message went to review.

I put a drop of oil on the shaft but still got the noise. The silver bell or disk has a shiney sided nut on top with a Jesus clip. Does that need to come apart?

And how do you post a picture here? Can you?
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Does your printer have ground noise or like jet plane?
by Ypshec on Sep 27, 2007 at 3:47am Add comment
It’s a high pitched squeal. It might be similar to that and it can be hear all through the house. It starts when you first plug I in and continues after it should have shut down for warming up. And the noise is coming from the black box on the top.

I did not understand from Riddick's post how to cleaning it. I can take things apart but I stopped when I saw the Jesus clip. They are always fun and a real good time trying to find them again.
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Thanks for the advice on circumventing the circlip. I wasn't sure I was on the right track with my squealing HP1200, because I didn't think that little motor could make all that noise. I was wrong. A half drop of 3 in 1 oil made the printer run like new. Thanks a bunch, proabaly saved me 2-3 bills on a replacement! You're a genius!
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I eliminated the squealing by following the above procedure, but now the printer aborts it's warm-up cycle when first turned on, no lights at all for a few seconds, then the large green light glows, the smaller yellow and green lights flicker and stay on. Printer is seen as offline. Suggestions?
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Recheck the connectors you removed and make sure they are all down firmly. Also check and see the flat ribbon cable is in all the way.
by moe on Oct 6, 2008 at 6:03pm Add comment
The flat cable connection wasn't making contact. Now it works like a charm! Thanks so much for your help. - Anonymous
Also if all 3 lights are on solid press the big button and tell us if the light pattern changes.
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Thanks for the valuable info. Had the noise. Searched the web. Read your info. Fixed my printer. Total time including research - 30 minutes. How much better than that can it get. Thanks again.
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Wow--unbelievable--completely solved the horrendous squeal. The little black retainer you are talking about is the black plastic "L" shaped thing next to the silver metal wheel. the "L" retainer turns easily out of its groove (don't be afraid that you can break it off when turning it--it is designed to turn out of its groove. Wheel pulls right off, a drop of oil on the spindle then put it all back like new.
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Hi All,
My Hp1200 runs continiesly without stoping just at powering on starge and could not print anything even the test pate.

what could couse this. please help.
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My HP 1200 that I bought 12 years ago but love because it is a workhorse started squealing like many of the posters. I dismantled, found the motor, applied the oil, reassembled and it works great!!

Thanks so much you saved me lots of $$$$
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