asked Sep 12, 2007 at 11:45am
Canon Canon FC 2

Canon i865 '2 flashes error' with grinding noise!


I fear my Canon i865 may be destined for 'printer heaven', and just when I've had a stock of new printer ink cartridges delivered!!

The i865 started making loud noises when printing this evening. :( Have looked for any jams and tried turning it off and starting it up several times but it's now giving a short and loud 'grinding' noise from the back of the machine at start up just after the print head has moved back and forth. I then get the two flash error message for which Canon's User Guide states:

"Two flashes: Printer is out of paper /Paper does not feed

Reload paper to the Auto Sheet Feeder, Photo Paper Tray, or Paper Feed Cassette (PFC-10) and press the RESUME/CANCEL button."

To this lay person it sounds as though it's the roller feeds - but there is no obvious paper jam or anything else that is visibly untoward...

This is a long shot from a first time poster, in case someone has any thoughts apart from "call the printer undertakers" !

Many thanks!