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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Stylus 600--no black

Hi--thanks for the help. I 've looked through the posts and it seems pretty common, the problem I'm having. The fix seems more elusive. I've got color working fine, but I've cleaned the pad and black cartridge holder several times, but still no black. One thing I notice is that there seems to be a black plastic nozzle in the black cartridge holder that is not in the color cartridge holders. I suppose this is normal, but id does make cleaning a little different than cleaning the color ones (the syringe pops right into these). In the black cartridge holder, you have to hold the syringe in a pretty precise way to get the cleaning fluid to go through. Some people, on the board have said this problem suggests a burnt head for which there's no fix. Others have said you need to remove the head and soak it. Any directions for the latter?

Thanks! Paul
After cleaning and cleaning with my kit, I finally was about to give up. I ended up making a small puncture in the black toner, and surprisingly, it's working great now. Crazy.
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what do you mean by 'small puncture', we have one on the bench, which is printing bad black, we know the nozzles are working properly, we forced gently clean water through the teat and the spray came out good, but stick the ink cartridge in and we receive blocked nozzles in teh test print.
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seems the black injet head is a problem across the models of Epson printers....I have a 1520 that prints a perfect color pattern but only a limited number of lines in only the right test field. This habit of failure of the black print head being weaker on the left field has been seen in my 850 also. How do you know when it's actually a "dead head". I have tried almost every thing up to removal and soaking to solve this issue (injected ETOH, soap, Fantastic etc. right int the tit. Help!
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try sucking instead of blowing.
by this I mean, get a small syringe, place the tip on teh teat, and draw VERY GENTLY.
I used distilled or bottled water and blow water, VERY GENTLY into the teat, if it comes out in a very fine spray, you know the tubes behind the printhead are good. then suck VERY GENTLY.
then test. I create a full colour page from MS Paint of all colours.
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Does anyone out there have any suggestion regarding using a ultrasonic cleaner to possibly clean the head. I have a 600 that was given to me. It had sat for a long time with the cartridges in place. It prints color (not great), and no black.
I took the printer apart (removed print head) which was not too hard (I just hope i can get it back together again), and was thinking of using the ultrasonic cleaner w ehave at work to try to clean the head. Any suggestions??
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I have had experience of two 600 printers which would not print black. One was due to the cover over the outlet hole of the cartidge not having become pierced by the nipple when it was put in! That was simple enough, once I realised what was wrong! These nipples do get worn down with use and that was the main reason for the problem.

The other one had the ribbon cable to the head not fully engaging with the socket in the head assembly. This was due to the 45deg. fold in the cable being too close to the head assy. I dealt with that by undercutting the front side of the channel and fixing the cable as far forward as possible with double-sided tape. Then pressing the ribbon cable securely into the socket.

I hope your problems are as easily dealt with but, maybe, the obvious is easily overlooked.
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