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Hp HP Color Copier 120

HP Colour Laserjet 1500L Drum Reset

I am so mad at HP it is untrue. They want £120 for a new drum for my 1500L

No chance of that, I only paid £200 quid for the printer with a spare set of colour refills as a clearance item in PC world two years ago... So I am not going to be held to ransom by HP for consumables.

I had to reset the drum, which starts to indicate that it has a problem by flashing the Imaging Drum light [(3) in the manual]

This is because the NVRAM counter has decided that you have done enough copies. NOT because the drum is full or faulty but because HP in their wisdom set it to 20,000 copies for a life cycle. Which would seem fair except, printing colour decimates that to around 4,000, as it counts each revolution of the drum when colour is applied so 1 sheet counts as 4 or even 5 on occasion..

BAD MOVE HP YOU RIP OFF MERCHANTS. You have not got customer satisfaction at the heart of your business at all. And trying to remove all referrnces to solving this problem on the internet so you can make more cash really pisses me off. I wont be buying any more of your products just to be forced to find a solution to a none existent problem, or fork out my hard earned cash for absolutely no reason at all.

To reset the Drum on a HP 1500L colour Laserjet printer, do the following:-

1. Switch off at the mains.
2. Press and hold down the "GO" button.
3. Turn the printer on and keep the "Go" button pressed
4. After a short whoiile the "Go", "Ready" and "Attention" Lights will each cycle and turn off.
5. Now release the "Go" button.
6. The printer will cycle through the the setup for the colour cartridges and then settle down
7. When this finishes the "Imaging Drum" light will be flashing
so press the red "Stop" button and the light should go out

Reboot the printer and the counter is reset.

This worked perfectly for me. I believe it will work on the 2500 as well as it is basically the same printer in a different case.

I posted the solution almost 4 years ago and many people have used it. Since there is a work around why are you so mad at hp. They are in business to make MONEY, which then provides the capital to do research and developement of new and better products and at the same time return something to their stockholders. Lighten up.

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And if I sold you a car with 100,000 miles warantee and then divided by 4 because it has four wheels you would call that ethical? I could use the cash I gained for R&D and PROFITS by ripping you off. I dont need to lighten up, I just dont need to be ripped off. Plenty of other manufacturers offer a much better level of customer service and they will benifit in the end because they do treat people fairly Unlike HP.

If you posted a solution 4 years ago then well done. I could not find it in any LJ1500 messages from my search.
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