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Hp HP DeskJet 670C

hp670c RESUME led starts flashing immediately ...

I have one hp670c printer which, all of a sudden, started behaving abnormally as follows.

On giving a PRINT command, the paper is pulled in upto the normal postion ( where the NO PAPER sensor stops it ) and the Amber LED
starts flashing. Pressing the resume button does nothing. Putting power off by pressing the button ejects the blank paper out.

Second attempt shows the errors like ...

a) Color cartridge is not installed correctly. Reinstall and press continue..

b) Power Off button was not used for shutting down

c) Black and Color cartridges have been interchanged ! ( This physically not possible, as the two shapes are different )

What must have gone wrong?

I have dismantled all parts carefully and refixed properly. But the same symptomps are repeating. In the process, however, a lot of dust could be removed.

Is something being overlooked ? I never use colors and therefore the color cartridge in place is just a dummy one ( empty ) for cheating the printer. Printer refuses to starts if it is not in place.

Even test print command through (win98) PC does nothing different. The window shows message PRINTING.... And pc stops responding till printer is put off.

I have tried installing the drivers many times.

Can anyone help ?


The flashing resume LED has many possible meanings. This web page is for the DJ 690, but the DJ 670 uses the same flash codes.

The list below, if followed, will get most DJ 600 series working. I suspect from your description that doing items 1 and 2 will repair your printer. Doing the rest will prevent future problems.

1. Clean the carriage and cartridge electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol.

2. Verify that you have good cartridges. Test them in another printer. New or refilled cartridges can be defective 'out of the box' or fail early. Don’t assume a cartridge with ink in it has to be good. Cartridges do not last forever.

3. Clean the carriage rod with alcohol and lubricate it with a few drops of Tri-Flow, available in small squeeze bottles at cycle shops. If you cannot get Tri-Flow, use a very low viscosity oil. (No WD40)

4. Clean the paper feed rollers with a damp cloth to make sure the printer can pick up paper. Use rubber rejuvenator as a long-term solution. If you use it allow two hours of drying time.

5. Clean the encoder strip on both sides with a mild diluted cleaner.

6. If you have horizontal streaks in the printout go to this web page.
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Thank you very much for all the valuable inputs. I was expecting the things to be all right after carrying out these steps.

Unfortunately, the problem continues.

When a command for test print is given through PC, the paper gets loaded in correct position and the cartridges move to extreme left. This is the position which is necessary for the paper-lifting mechanism to start its function. The cartridges remain there with slight shift towards right hand side. This releases/stops the paper lifting mechanism.

It appears that I have to try getting another dummy cartridge in place of COLOR one. Or try this one in some other printer. Any risk involved in trying on a good working printer ?

This printer is not to be seen around so easily. Mine itself was purchased in 1997 ( for Rupees 10,000/- . 46 Rupees = 1 dollar ).

Is there any way of fooling the printer and make it feel that cartridge is very well present in the cradle ?


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I've never seen a defective cartridge damage a printer.

I don't know of any way to fool the printer into thinking that it has a good cartridge.
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