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Hp HP Color Copier 150



I have just been given a 4000N with 10k on the clock - yippee. It prints ok, especially in view of the cheap cart which it has in at present. The only thing I can find wrong is that it does make quite a bit of noise when printing - sounds like rollers/drive moaning and groaning but paper picks up just fine and transport seems quite smooth. To me it sounds like dry bearings - I assume that there is no lubrication required in this printer.

I looked at your repair kits for the 4000 - do you think (tricky without hearing it I suppose), that this is the run up to the paper jam groaning mentioned in the repair kit info for this printer? Or are these printers a bit moany/groany all the time?

One other thing, I looked on the HP website but couldn't find an estimate of engine print life. I would expect that as this is a network printer it would be fairly high - 300k or more - any ideas?



PS I just looked at your toner kits - the 27x cart you list at 79 dollars for 10k prints, I just had a quote for a generic cartridge here in the UK of 90 pounds plus VAT and shipping = around 150 dollars! I think I know where I'll be ordering my next toner from!
I'd expect a service life of well over a million copies. If you listen carefully and the noise is just happening on the initial paper pickup, it is usually attributable to the separation/feed rollers. I don't know what shipping one of those cartridges to the UK would cost, but since it weighs about 6 pounds, it would either have to go by ship or very expensive air. Most of the kits we send international weigh in about 1 pound or less and shipping is usually in the $7 - $10 range which is a lot more bearable.
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Open the tray remove the feed roller, there's a clutch to the right of the feed roller on the same shaft. Remove the clutch and replace the feed roller MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE THE DOOR that protects the feed roller before you replace the tray. Try some test prints, if the sound goes away you know the clutch is bad. You can buy a new one or pry it open and remove some of the metal dust inside it to free it up, it should turn easily.
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The 4050, 4100 etc, all have the same problem when they "groan". You can chnage rollers for ever, but the roblem is solved very easily.
Take out the cassette, turn it over, look at the front of the cassette, you will see a spring (about an inch and a quarter long), tke it out, cut off 2-3 coils and refit, problem solved.
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My 4000N prints with a blank line or void about 2" from left margin. What the cause and fix. It's not the printer cartridge as that's been replaced.
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More likely it is the fuser need to be replace. You can verify by perform printer half test:
Remove the bottom tray, flip down the MP tray and put a sheet of paper in it. From the control panel scroll thru the menu and select print configuration. Wait for as soon as the end of the paper go into the printer, flip up the toner cartridge door (this will stop the printer immediately) now remove the toner cartridge and look inside of the printout. If your print out look clean and no black line at the left edge, you have a bad fuser. You can replace the whole fuser assembly or if you are a handy-man you can replace just the fuser film sleeve. Hope this help. - printertech_us
It's blank line not black line! There's nothing to do with fuser.
Most likely is a dirty laser scanner mirror. Or there's something (paper or something else) get into the laser path has to be checked out. - healthup
That's right healthup, a blank line the full length of the page. The problem arose after something got stuck. How do I get into the laser scanner mirror to fix it? Is there a service manual available online?
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The LaserJet 4000n doesn't have a scanner, just print function. So is there a mirror actually in there?
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Thanks h/up, I'll get back after I look into it.
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Had a bunch of blank lines in a printer once. When I opened the top of the scanner, there were a whole bunch of eyes looking back. A whole colony of cockroaches had moved in. - moe