asked Dec 11, 2000 at 9:04am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4+ Clicking Noise


Flushed with suceess after fitting one of your HP 5L No Feed/Multifeed repair kits I now have another problem I would like to fix.
I have a Laserjet 4 + which emits a horrid clicking/graunching noise on switch on. On further investigation I have found that the little plastic gear which drives the fuser has most of it's teeth missing!. Is this available from you as a spare part? I would also like to check the other gears with which this damaged gear comes into contact. The one in the fuser unit looks OK but I can't really see the other gear inside the printer. How do I remove this gear assembly to examine it?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Yes we have the gear and we have a video that shows how to disassemble the entire printer including getting to the gear assembly. That gear usually fails by itself and doesn't take anything with it. $25 for the gear and the video. email me for ordering instructions.
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