asked Aug 17, 2007 at 2:01pm
Epson Epson Stylus CX3600

Epson CX3600 won't print yellow

I have a four year old Epson CX3600 which is obviously well out of warranty but has been working perfectly. I installed a new compatible yellow cartridge which was not recognised by the printer so I reinstalled my old cartridge and sent the faulty yellow back to the supplier for replacement. After reinstalling the old cartridge, which was low on ink but not empty, the machine produced a print but no yellow ink was present on the page at all. I then tried to perform a head clean but the yellow ink level was too low for the printer to allow this so I waited a few days for the replacement to arrive and installed that one. The cartridge was accepted this time but still no yellow even after 10 head cleans.

I am convinced that the initial unrecognised yellow cartirdge has damaged my machine and I have demanded compensation from the supplier. The supplier says that due to the age of my printer they are not prepared to compensate for any possible damage unless it is inspected by an independant engineer and the cartridge has been proven to be the cause of any damage. They say that they have now supplied me with a set of working compatibles and are not even preared to offer even a refund for the cartridges.

Is it likeley that the initial yellow compatible cartridge that failed to charge any ink has damaged my printer or is this probably just coincidence that my machine failed at this point?

Can the supplier refuse to compensate unless I obtain proof that the cartridge was to blame ?