asked Aug 10, 2007 at 12:36pm
Hp HP LaserJet 6P

Fixing HP laserjet 6p in difficult circumstances

I am not in a country where HP engineers are available, but I have a basic knowlege of electronics, have built radios etc. When I switch on my printer (HP Laserjet 6p - model number C3980A) it does not power up, and it displays a fixed amber led light.(nothing else). Using the Service Manual for this model, I have successfully removed the Formatter PCA, the Fusing Assemblies and the DC Controller Assembly board. Checking the connector socket on which the motor assembly rests (J601), using a volt/resistence-meter, I cannot locate any current - there is no power reaching the motor. The main fuse fh101 is not blown. What else should I check?
Had to think twice before responding to this. First off you are dealing with a 12 year old printer and no hp engineers today will give assistance on this model. Now as to your issue you may be doing way to much for something very simple. The amber light on solid is a error condition such as top cover not closed, toner cartridge missing or the most common a paper jam or the printer thinks there is a jam. Most times a sensor flag is in the wrong position. When you have any of these conditions the motor will not turn because the dc controller will not let it move since if there is a jam it could cause damage. That is why there is not current to the motor. If you have the service manual you should have read it as that is discussed in basic troubleshooting. You have removed a lot of parts for nothing and really need to go back to basics. Its like removing the engine from a car when you have a loose spark plug wire.
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