asked Dec 10, 2000 at 3:24pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter I

Apple LWII NT noise

I just ordered a feed kit and thought I'd get a head
start on replacing the feed roller by cleaning the
old one. After a lot of false starts I managed to
remove the shaft, roller, etc. Wiped the rubber
roller with a clean rag and reassembled. The first
try fed about 5 pages at once from the tray along
with a horrible squealing noise. The second try
fed one page MANUAL, and printed OK, but still with
the horrible noise. I guess something is out of
time, but what? TIA (again-- my last fix was the
fuser assembly and your kit solved the problem).
I have more problems with people who have no patience. About the only time I have to do aftermarket tech support is when people jump the gun on the repair. Wait for the kit to arrive. You might have gotten the roller on upside down. Happens all the time. The correct position for the roller is flat side down when parked.
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Hello Moe-- Last week I installed the paper feed kit in my Apple LW II NT. The only
problem I had was that my VCR crapped out and I couldn't view the directions
until buying a new one! You will be glad to know that I did NOT start the
repairs until I watched the tape. For the benefit of the uninitiated, the tape is
worth the price of admission, a really great piece of work. Thanks again for
running such a helpful and friendly business-- wonderful indeed.
-- Fred
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