asked Aug 3, 2007 at 7:54pm
Hp HP DeskJet 670C

HP Deskjet 670C

I have a HP Deskjet 670C which starts to print a document then after printing a couple of lines it makes a low level fog horn type noise, stops printing and spits out the page and will not continue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Doing these steps will tune-up your Deskjet 670. If you want a quick-fix, step 2 will probably fix your problem.

1. Clean the carriage and cartridge contacts, i.e. the electrical connections as opposed to the print nozzles. Use a cotton swab and alcohol.

2. Clean the carriage rod with alcohol and lubricate it with a few drops of Tri-Flow, available in small squeeze bottles at cycle shops. This website sells a synthetic oil that is also ideal. Tempted to us WD40? DON'T!

3. Clean the paper feed rollers with a damp cloth to make sure the printer can pick up paper. Use rubber rejuvenator as a long-term solution. If you use it allow two hours of drying time.

4. Clean the encoder strip on both sides with a mild diluted cleaner.

5. If you have horizontal streaks in the printout go to this web page.
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Hi Bert, Thanks your answer to my question seems to have worked and the printer is going full steam ahead, once again a BIG thank you. - Anonymous