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asked Aug 1, 2007 at 1:12pm
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R1800 Waste Ink Pads reset HELP PLEASE

Greetings all- I am runnning an epson r1800 with an ink republic CIS and got an error (ibelieve it is due to waste pads being full.) I have found pograms that i can use in order to reset, but they only work for pcs-i am running a mac g5 with osx. Does anyone have a clue what i can do? i serached these boards, and found people referring to a very helpful post from nick at artstech, but i couldnot locate the original post from nick. Any help is greatly appreciated. i almost totally lost it when epsons response was,"either pay $300 for routine service (on a $600 printer) or well we can supply you our website that offers special prices on new printers." They make a great printer, but their customer service should be illegal! Ink republics response was simply we support PC. Please, help me and restore my faith in people in general.
Brian potash

can anyone help all the lights are flashing on my epson printer
by jed on Aug 2, 2007 at 7:22am Add comment
Don't know if this is still a problem for you, it's been 8 months! First, find a friend with a PC (or Intel Mac w/windows partition), connect printer to their machine, do a search for "SSC Service Utility", download and run, reset machine. Then, do a search for "waste ink tube & bottle installation" (if you're really lazy, there's a guy on eBay selling the tupperware + plastic tube for 13 bucks). As for the waste ink pads inside the machine, think good & hard about dismantling your machine to get to them; if your machine doesn't leak or other problems, they're probably not so saturated to worry about. If you're determined, forget about finding replacements (unless you're friends with an authorized Epson technician); most folks simply wash the existing ones under cold water until reasonably clean, let dry, then reinstall. If you're gonna do this, I recommend springing the $13 for the service manual (, it shows how many and where they are located.
Good luck!
by unknown on Apr 2, 2008 at 4:24pm Add comment
anyone know the size of the tubes for the ink waste? you can buy the kits i see, but you can also run to the hardware store get some tubing and use a lil dish you don't care about.
by help me on Dec 29, 2008 at 12:29pm Add comment
The tubing I've opted for is 3/32" Inner Diameter but that's comparable to the original tubing so you'd need a connector of some description.

1/8" ID would work too at a guess...

DO NOT go smaller than 1/16" ID though or you're likely to get ink pressure force ink back into the printhead resting/cleaning pad which would soil the underside of the printhead. - websnail