asked Dec 9, 2000 at 8:07pm
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LaserJet III wide streaks down the page

I have a LaserJet III that is streaking light gray wide bands or streaks all the way down the page. Even if you send a blank document to be printed, the streaks still appear. I tried changing the toner cartridge & cleaning the corona wires, I even installed a new fuser assembly, but no change. I adjusted the density setting to minimum, but that didn't help. The streaks do not smear..isn't that an indication the fuser is doing it's job? I am baffled. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
This really sounds like a toner cartridge problem. If you're using remanufactured ones, I wouldn't trust any of them. If not try the following things. Try an engine test (procedure on troubleshooting page) If it's ok, change the formatter board. If not, first try would be the hv power supply, second try would be the dc controller. Try tweaking the high voltage connector on the dc controller first.
by moe on Dec 10, 2000 at 8:32am Add comment
Thanks, Moe,

I did notice that the toner cartridge is an off-brand refurbished one. I hope that is the problem, I am fairly new in repairing HP printers, and up until now, I have had reasonable success. This website is a godsend. Thank you.


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Moe, Thank you. Sure enough, the cheap toner cartridges were the problem. A went to another printer that was using a different brand of toner and installed it in the "bad" printer. The printouts were perfect, with no discoloration or streaks, so it was the toner. Thanks again!
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