asked May 28, 2002 at 1:09pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Missing Exit Jam Repair Kit instructions

I placed an order (Inv. # 29751) last week and received the following items on Friday.

Apple LaserWriter II Exit Jam Repair Kit


Apple LaserWriter II Pickup Jam Repair Kit w/Video.

My son, who is an electrical engineer, was able to repair the Pickup Jam problem, but the Exit Jam Repair Kit did not have any instructions included so my printer is still out of commission. I emailed Moe on Saturday night, but since I have not received a reply yet, I thought I better post a message. Can you please email the instructions to me.

Thank you,
Joann Bensman
Sorry about the email. We switched servers on Friday afternoon. The whole site went down, including orders and email. We spent most of the weekend getting it up and running again. Just got the email up this afternoon. We have a new shipping clerk who messes up a lot. I instituted new procedures that all package contents had to be checked and signed off on before being sealed. This should stop any further errors. We'll send you a cd tomorrow.
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Since you said, "We have a new shipping clerk who messes up a lot", I wanted to make sure that they sent the CD in Macintosh format.

Thanks again,
Joann Bensman
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