asked Jun 25, 2007 at 2:28am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP LaserJet 5L printer won't start

This problem only happens half of the time, sometimes the printer behaves normal.

My HP LJ5L-printer won't start up for a print-job and all 3 the leds go on (= hardware error).
When I then remove and put back in the 230V, the motor does not run for 5 sec, instead the 3 leds go on.
Wen I then push the button under the leds, the middle-led goes off, the 2 other remain on.
The service-manual says it is a Fuser-error.

If it is so, why is it not doïng it all the time?

I measured the resistance of the Fuser;
- Heater = 150 ohm and the service-manual says 30 ohm ???
- Thermistor = 350 kOhm and the service-manual says 440 kOhm.

I have a second similar printer for spare-parts but its Fuser measures the same values.

What can be the cause?
Please help.
Swap the fuser and see what happens. Could be when the heating element gets hot the temp is not consistent and hence the error. Also make sure the printer is plugged directly into the wall socket and not power strip or backup power supply.
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Hello Teofiel,

I have a HP 5L and have almost the same error: my printer once stopped printing in the middle of a page, and since then it shows the 3 leds lit continously, and till I press the button the middle led is off. If I power on the machine only the motor drives the mirror head spins up, the main motor is not. I can't measure any resistance between the wires of the thermistor -- it seems to be dead. Could it be the problem? The manual for the 3-led-error says it is the problem of the panel. Has the change of the fuser repaired your printer? I don't want to buy a fuser for waste...

Thanks forward for any comment, further happy holidays,


(PS: sorry for my bad English)
by Spd on Dec 26, 2008 at 4:52am Add comment

Yes, the fuser swap fixed this problem.

Happy hollydays,

Renaat - Anonymous